Meet Our White Rabbit Swimwear Babe Casey

Not only is Casey absolutely stunning, with a body to envy, she is one of the nicest girls you will meet.

Casey has spent the last 7 months travelling the globe, visiting some of the most beautiful destinations only some can dream of and getting some amazing Instagram pictures along the way.

We sat down for a chat with Casey on our latest shoot, discussing all things health, fitness, beauty and travel.

What was your favourite holiday destination and why? Its honestly so hard to pick one spot as my favourite. I’ve travelled to some incredible places all over the world that are unique and beautiful in their own way. Personally anywhere near the ocean or someplace tropical is ideal for me.

What is the coolest experience you have had while travelling? Amsterdam for me was one of the coolest experiences. Coming from a Dutch background my Opa was from Holland and I have a lot of family in Amsterdam that I have never met. Being able to explore the city with my family members and see where my Opa was from was such an incredible experience and something I’ll never forget. I’ve always been drawn to Holland but never had a chance to go and see it for myself. It was an overwhelming feeling as soon as I got there. Really felt at home in my Opas country, a place he had told me so much about. Definitely was an experience I’ll never forget.

What are your top 5 travel essentials? It’s funny because every time I pack for a trip someone in my family says “it must be easy for you to pack, you’re only ever in bikinis” which is very true. Half my luggage is bikinis! I’d have to say bikinis, passport, camera, travel money and obviously some clothes/shoes and I’m set.

When you are looking for a bikini what do you look for? Colour, fit, comfort and the tan lines they leave behind is a big one for me.

What makes a good Instagram photo? Hmmm, I think it depends what you’re doing/trying to portray. For me, I like to be smiley and happy in as many pictures as I can, I like to try and show my personality through a picture. Having a great scenery behind you is always a plus.

What is your beauty routine? Having been a beauty therapist for 6 years of my life I love to look after my skin, I know the importance of skin care and benefits it has looking after it. I cleanse my face morning and night, moisturise, tone and scrub every second day. When I get around to it I will put a mask on once every second week. My beauty routine also includes looking after myself physically and mentally. I train regularly and try to maintain a balanced healthy diet to make sure I feel good on the inside as well as the outside.

My top 5 favourite beauty products? I use a brand from my old job called Rejuvaderm I use their cleanser, moisturiser and mask which I love! I use rose hip oil toner and BB cream as my coverage.

What does your diet consist of? I try to eat as healthy as possible but everything in moderation. I love ice-cream so if I’m craving it…. I’ll eat it! But majority of the time I always choose a healthy option. I love breakfast! My favourite meal of the day, always cook up something delicious like poached eggs on a bed of spinach and veggies! Yum.

How do you stay in shape? Before I went away I was training CrossFit 5 days a week which I really enjoyed. Having have been a gymnast for 10 years I loved the gymnastic component of the training. Since being back I have been doing personal training 5 days a week to try get myself back in shape after my big adventure. I’m thinking of going back to CrossFit when my fitness improves a little.

Have you ever had body image issues and if you have, how have you overcome them? Personally I don’t feel I’ve had body issues. Yeah sure, sometimes I feel more out of shape than usual but I feel I am my own worst critic. I’m very in tune with my body and when I’m not happy with something I’m very quick to start taking the right steps to change it. However, when I first started modelling I had been on jobs where I was told I’m too muscly, my legs are thick etc. at first I was disheartened but what I came to realise is that it’s just how I’ve always been, I always had a muscly body from gymnastics, and just because I’m not suitable for some areas of modelling, I suited others perfectly fine. I’m not going to change the way I look just because it doesn’t suit some jobs, I just had to find the right ones that were best for me.

What’s on your bucket list, anywhere else you wanted to travel to, or an experience you really wanted to do? I haven’t even made a dint in my bucket list haha! I definitely have the travel bug and I don’t think I’ll lose it anytime soon. So much of the world to see! I’d love to see South Africa, Egypt, Israel, see the Northern Lights, see more of South America and Europe, Galapagos Island, China, volunteer in a 3rd whole country – the list goes on and I don’t think It will ever end…

What’s next for Miss Boonstra? I’m off to Mexico in December to represent Australia in an international modelling competition called Swimsuit USA! I’m looking forward to the incredible experience and excited to meet some likeminded girls from all over the world. These events are great for meeting people and networking in the industry and I’m very lucky to have the opportunity! Fingers crossed. I’ll keep you posted on how I go!